• Jennifer

I wasn't really planning on publishing today. I have a business website that's all perfect and polished. This is not.

But that's the whole point. I used to be so shy and weird about letting my paintings out into the world. It drove people crazy. I would just let them linger, collect dust, I would turn them with their faces to the wall when they bothered me, when they were alien to what I thought I wanted.

I still do that, and often paint over something that spoke to me just the day before. Some of what I publish may be long gone, given away, sold, or more likely enveloped by another painting. I like the idea of recording something that is no longer.

Paintings are alive, but they are not so precious.

Paintings are like leaves or people or music. You either feel them or you don't. They are not something to be figured out. Or coveted.

So I am going live with the site in it's reduced form today, December 31, 2018. I don't have a domain yet and don't quite know when I will. It's as perfect of a day as I could conjure up. It's time.