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Walking in the fifth dimension

Walking in the fifth dimension

Acrylic, oil and pastels on canvas

160 x 100 cm


"Walking in the fifth dimension" is a painting dedicated to going beyond the ordinary, the visible, the practical. It is inspired by the majesty and captivating beauty of the natural world, in the light just before dusk, when the earth and sky blend and become one. It is a large, enveloping painting, made for endless contemplation, full of hidden vistas, dynamic space, and mutating color. Its perspective is deep and wide, yet it also presents moments of delicate detail and minutiae. Viewing this painting is an experience in itself, like stepping into another world, another dimension.

"Walking in the fifth dimension" is one of the works I am most proud of. It successfully communicates the feeling of rapture and communion with the natural world. It is its own dimension.

At the time of this writing "Walking in the fifth dimension" is available for collection in my Italy studio.


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