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Painting stories
every painting has a story



Oil on canvas

60 x 48 inches


"Rising" is a painting dedicated to rebirth. To renaissance. To the wild glorious turning of the planet in the sky.

I painted this large canvas in a moment of deep yearning for a new beginning, when the world and weather and sky felt heavy, and I longed for a rosy kind of hope.

It is a mixture of several techniques, some tenuous and subtle and others more marked and forceful, blended together to create a harmonious effect on the surface of the canvas... never meek or hidden, but also never aggressive or abrasive. Its palette is a warm, golden-red dawn or dusk. It is a painting of movement, of time transforming the sky. Of time transforming us all.

"Rising" tells the story of a longing for new beginnings, for change, and for awakening. It is a transformative statement on canvas, and a bearer of its own light.

"Rising" is part of a private collection in California.

Letting go and falling backwards

Acrylic, oil and pastels on canvas

100 x 100 cm


"Letting go and falling backwards" is a painting all about surrendering to the creative process. Stepping into the studio, even day after day, is always a new experience. This painting was a leap of faith, a step in a new direction and palette, dedicated to an interpretation of the all-inspiring and sometimes intimidating natural world in green.

It is a painting made with a very instinctive and energetic technique, and the palette conveys the life force of the earth, the feeling of being consumed in a forest or jungle or canopy of trees. It is a painting that makes the viewer perhaps feel small in the natural world. It provides perspective. Nature reigns over all else. It is unpredictable, powerful and clear.

"Letting go and falling backwards" is just that... releasing your hold on what you believe you know, falling backwards into the unknown. And being held there.

At the time of this writing, "Letting go and falling backwards" is available for collection in my Italy studio.


Acrylic, oil and pastels on canvas

100 x 100


"Botanica" is a painting dedicated to all the glory in the details of nature, taking the minute and fragile and transforming them into grandness. This painting is an abstract interpretation of growing life and artistry in nature, of flowers, branches, leaves, and their apparent tenuousness.

"Botanica" was painting in several layers of mixed media, allowing for a certain hide and seek feeling when viewing the painting. Oil pastels were used to draw some of the more detailed parts of the painting, creating a poetry of drawn lines and oil paint washes of color.

It is a painting that requires a moment of communion and stillness, observing and exploration. It is like a story unfolding. One delicate page at a time.

Painting this painting was an extended meditation. I am especially proud of it.

As of this writing, "Botanica" is available for collection in my Italy studio.

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