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150 x 106 cm


Light. Light glows in the dark. Light leads the way.

"Light" is a big, luminous, frolicking painting filled with meaning. "Light" was the painting that lead the way in my own personal Renaissance. I painted "Light" in May 2020, That season we all remember after the world changed forever, when I took a leap into larger paintings again after too long holding back and staying small. It is a painting literally filled with light, so hard to photograph properly, so ephemeral and ever-changing.

"Light" was one of the centerpieces of my solo exhibition in 2020 in Italy (the show was entitled "Luce", which means light in Italian), and I remember seeing people stand in front of it, and if they let themselves linger for a moment, their demeanor would soften, lighten, become just a little more free.

Some paintings are exactly, exactly what I conceived them to to be, like "Light".

At the time of this writing, "Light" is available for collection in my Italy studio.


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