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100 x 80 cm.

Acrylic and oil on linen.


"Can I come home for the summer?" is a painting inspired by a yearning for home, a home in the earth and connection to place, a home full of green living things and water and dirt and birdsong.

I made this painting at a time in life when I felt an overwhelming desire to plant roots in the natural world, to live on a piece of land and pass the seasons and watch what I cultivate bloom and grow and die and come back again.

It is a blissful, serene, deep, long sigh of relief in a painting. It is beautiful in any setting, but in particular hanging on the bedroom wall, where it will be the last sight before falling asleep and the first upon awakening, taking the viewer to a softer space in their mind and heart, a simple, serene space with a soft breeze and warm sky.

This painting is mounted in a simple white floater frame (please see photos).


Gifting you a long, long sigh of relief🙏

Can I come home for the summer? (framed)

  • See video of this painting here!

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