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47" x 30".

Oil on canvas.

December 21, 2020.

A painting concluded on December 21, 2020 in the high Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This painting is dedicated to capturing the shortest winter day, when the snow fluttering in the air and the weak sun melds the earth and sky into the a continuous veil. There is almost a sound to this painting, the sound of snowflakes falling, that imperceptible yet present sensation of stillness, of time slowing down.
The palette is based in crimson, umber, indigo, and chromatic white.
This painting was awarded as a finalist at the Biennale di Genova in Italy, 2021.
This painting is mounted in a beautiful custom built wooden floater frame, handmade in Italy.
It is captivating, calming, and majestic.
The listed measurements include the custom made in Italy floating frame.

Winter Solstice (custom framed)

  • Click here to see a video tour of this painting

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