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Painting stories
every painting has a story


Tutto quello che to ho nascosto

Oil and acrylic on canvas

90 x 90 cm


"Tutto quello che ti ho nascosto" is a painting so dear, dear to my heart.

Its title in Italian translates into "All that I have hidden from you" in English. It is a painting dedicated to myself.

Some paintings are laborious and require coaxing into the world, and others are ready, banging down the door to take shape and become alive. This piece was one of those, a natural, spontaneous, joyful flow of creativity and light and energy. As I was making it I felt such total gratitude and freedom, and I thought of all that I had hidden from myself, unknowingly, in the years when my creative practice was pushed to the background of my life. I feel this often, as if I have a never-ending stampede of creativity escaping from me after years of tamping it down, to make room for everyone and everything else.

This painting is all that. It is like a sapphire on the wall. It is a clear, clear bell.

At the time of this writing, "Tutto quello che to ho nascosto" is available for collection in my Italy studio.

Laying in the grass and watching the sky

Acrylic and oil on canvas

120 x 160 cm


"Laying in the grass and watching the sky" is an ode to stopping time and reveling in the nature world. It's title is self explanatory and its size is human scale. It is a painting that beckons the viewer to step inside of it, to hear the crickets and smell the scent of the grass and flora. It is created to be an overwhelming, subtle yet powerful, ever-changing call to stillness. It is a painting made with innumerable layers of color and dimensions, and a chameleon, mutating with the light, the season, the weather. It seems to generate its own light from within, the result of mixed media with some underlying metallic acrylic washes.

"Laying in the grass and watching the sky" is a bridge between the natural world and viewer, a kind of human scale doorway. It is totally serene, but also alive and passionate. It resonates with its own light. And life.

At the time of this writing "Laying in the grass and watching the sky" is available for collection in my Italy studio.

My ascension in blue

Oil and acrylic on canvas

90 x 90 cm


"My ascension in blue" is a painting from a series of works entitled "Ascension". My Ascension series are paintings dedicated to the meeting of the elements: earth, light, and water. They are moments for reflection... the reflection of light in the water, the stillness and sign of relief that comes with dusk. Also the deep breathe of awareness that comes with dawn... the moments in between, the times we are perhaps still, awaiting inspiration of reveling in the momentary stasis.

"My ascension in blue" is a magical, watery Ascension painting, with hints of the sea and the sky melding into one. It is serene and also a bit turbulent, a coupling of opposites. It is a painting of balance and equilibrium, with a dancing horizontal movement.

It is both sides of the moon.

"My ascension in blue" is part of a private collection in Padua, Italy.

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