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Painting stories
every painting has a story


Walking in the fifth dimension

Acrylic, oil and pastels on canvas

160 x 100 cm


"Walking in the fifth dimension" is a painting dedicated to going beyond the ordinary, the visible, the practical. It is inspired by the majesty and captivating beauty of the natural world, in the light just before dusk, when the earth and sky blend and become one. It is a large, enveloping painting, made for endless contemplation, full of hidden vistas, dynamic space, and mutating color. Its perspective is deep and wide, yet it also presents moments of delicate detail and minutiae. Viewing this painting is an experience in itself, like stepping into another world, another dimension.

"Walking in the fifth dimension" is one of the works I am most proud of. It successfully communicates the feeling of rapture and communion with the natural world. It is its own dimension.

At the time of this writing "Walking in the fifth dimension" is available for collection in my Italy studio.


80 x 80cm

Oil on canvas


I am obsessed with the sky. I crane my neck up often. Everywhere.

How can you not stare at the ever-changing sky? This magical, unpredictable, mysterious, expansive essence over your head, over the world?

"Sicilia" is a painting made while dreaming of the psychedelic, mind-blowing sky I witnessed every day in late September over the island of Marettimo in Sicily. I was on the eastern side of the island and would awaken early, just as the birdsong began, and watch the sun rise over the Mediterranean. I adore the dawn, that moment just before life wakes up. The aloneness of it. The quiet and stillness of dawn is my favorite time of the day.

"Sicilia" is dedicated to the at first subtle and then blazing and dramatic coming of the day.

As of this writing "Sicilia" is available for collection in my Italy studio.


150 x 106 cm


Light. Light glows in the dark. Light leads the way.

"Light" is a big, luminous, frolicking painting filled with meaning. "Light" was the painting that lead the way in my own personal Renaissance. I painted "Light" in May 2020, That season we all remember after the world changed forever, when I took a leap into larger paintings again after too long holding back and staying small. It is a painting literally filled with light, so hard to photograph properly, so ephemeral and ever-changing.

"Light" was one of the centerpieces of my solo exhibition in 2020 in Italy (the show was entitled "Luce", which means light in Italian), and I remember seeing people stand in front of it, and if they let themselves linger for a moment, their demeanor would soften, lighten, become just a little more free.

Some paintings are exactly, exactly what I conceived them to to be, like "Light".

At the time of this writing, "Light" is available for collection in my Italy studio.

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