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About Healy frequencies

Hi and thanks for being here!

 I created this page to provide you with some introductory information about Healy, the wearable frequency device that changed my life so drastically that I decided to start sharing it

with the world.

Healy is a bridge to where you dream of being,

a key to your harmonic creative self.

Much of the artwork you see on this website was created while I was running frequencies on the Healy. 

I hope this page answers your basic questions about what it is and what it does. 

Welcome home to your mind, body, and creativity!


What is Healy?

The Healy Bioresonance device is a lightweight, wearable holistic tool that merges health, science, technology, and spirituality. Healy is a small and practical device (controlled by your
smartphone) that uses Individualized Microcurrent
Frequency (IMF) programs to harmonize your Bioenergetic Field.

Healy provides support in many different areas of life, including chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain, migraines, arthritis, allergies, insomnia, anxiety, depression, weight management, hormonal balancing, circulation, fitness, building coherence, self confidence, memory, mental balancing, and so much more.

How does Healy work?

The whole human organism is based on a transfer of molecules, energy and information. The Bioenergetic Field (BEF) is the flow of life energy connecting body, mind and
soul, traditionally known as Chi (or Qi) and Prana.

In scientific terms:
An information flo
w on the quantum level.

The Healy uses Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy to introduce very gentle current to accelerate healing and developmental processes. The device analyzes over 9 million frequencies using a quantum sensor, and selects only those frequencies that are right for you at any given moment. Healy is the only frequency device available on the market today with a quantum sensor.

Frequency medicine is non-invasive, drug-free, pain-free, and surgery-free therapy to revolutionize healing and wellness. 

If you would like a quick overview of frequency medicine, check out this 12 minute video.

For an overview of the Healy device, this video is also a great resource.

To see an informative Healy info call for people new to Healy, check out this video.

If you are interested in hearing an interview with Marcus Schmieke, the physicist who invented Healy, as he describes the meeting of science and spirituality, please check out this video.

Which Healy is right for me?

There are five versions of the Healy device (the device itself is the same, the versions of Healy have different program groups and modules).

I always recommend Resonance Plus or Professional, because these models have access to the Healy Coach module and Aura scan. If you would like to watch a quick 5 minute video explaining the differences in the Healy versions to find what's right for you, check out this video.

Want to read reviews and testimonials?

This Facebook group is made up of over 75,000 people leaving honest reviews and testimonials about using Healy. You can use the search box on the group page to filter for specific things you are looking for (pain, insomnia, hormones, anxiety, etc.).

Want to read an article about Healy?

This article in the Yogi Times gives a great overview and review of Healy.


My own Healy story is the reason that I decided to partner with Healy and share this device with the world. My story is uniquely mine... Healy supports people in so many different ways. I know people who have found relief from years of migraines, depression, anxiety, allergies, digestive issues, weight problems, and so much more. This is my story...

I suffered from intense bouts of inflammation and pain for many years. These episodes were worsening as I got older, and I had tried literally every treatment, cure, diet, EVERYTHING. Nothing worked and no one could help me.

I felt my life slowly becoming smaller. I was a yogi, a skier, a traveler, and I was afraid of pain for no reason almost every morning when I woke up.

The pain I was suffering with led me to chronic fatigue, brain fog, and eventually I felt myself falling into depression.

When I found Healy by chance, I felt a huge pull to try it and made it happen. It was an intuition, and instinctive yes from my very soul that brought me to Healy.

Fast forward to three months later. I had not suffered another bout of pain. I was sleeping like an angel, full of organic energy and clear thinking. I no longer crashed every afternoon, no longer took OTC pain medications, my body and mind were balanced, my energy was flowing, my future opened up before me in a new way. My hair, which had fallen out several years earlier from a traumatic event and never really grew back, was growing and full and lush! That's when I decided to become an independent Healy World member and share this device with the world.

And today? Today frequency is evolving my creative practice to new heights. I literally smile almost all the time. I use frequency every single day and can teach you how to achieve amazing results with this device.

Healy is a bridge to yourself, whoever that may be for you. For me, it has been a bridge to organic joy, balance, creativity, and expansion. It truly changed my life. That is why I am sharing it with you.

If you are also curious about the business side of Healy, please just ask me! I welcome you to this prosperous, generous, opportunity with no costs and no commitments or risk. Spreading Healy throughout the world is a truly beautiful and expansive business.


I wish every single household had a Healy. 


Practical stuff

Your Healy comes with a 14 day no risk return policy and a 2 year warranty.

Please ask me about the Healy Coil before you order! The coil allows you to use your Healy wire-free.


I am here for you

Once you order your Healy (make sure to give me a heads up!), I will be sending you links to access an amazing starter course for all things Healy

I will guide you through getting started, and be here to answer any questions.

One more thing... ask me about MagHealy!


MagHealy complements the original and widely successful Healy.
Together, they create a synergy, like an orchestra performing a frequency symphony.

MagHealy addresses your space through a pulsating magnetic field aimed at harmonizing your surroundings.
Healy focuses on the Bioenergetic Field of the individual and is designed to promote internal wellbeing.
MagHealy harmonizes your surroundings. Structures your water. Creates a perfect atmosphere.

It is the next level of biohacking for you and your business.

Want to learn more about MagHealy? (personally I am obsessed with it!).

Check out this short presentation.

Or listen to answers to frequently asked questions here.

Or ask me!

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