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160 x 100 cm oil on canvas


Every now and then, unexpectedly, magically, the stars align and a painting comes along, out of nowhere, with no pre-conceived ideas or aim or desire. A painting I never imagined, dreamt, admired in another artist's creation, planned, or called into being.

It just arrives, like a lightening strike from the sky in the absence of thunder.

That is "Atmosfera". Painted on a whim, on a hot, light-hearted summer day.

"Atmosfera" was the centerpiece of my solo exhibition in 2020. It was the painting that sky-rocketed my presence on social media as an artist. It was the painting that literally everyone who laid eyes on it connected with. It was that most phenomenal thing. I have no idea how I made it!

It was a certain kind of magic.

"Atmosfera" was collected by a new collector in Tuscany, and lives in a beautiful villa in the Tuscan hills, in a proper setting for a painting so charmed.


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