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My ascension in blue

My ascension in blue

Oil and acrylic on canvas

90 x 90 cm


"My ascension in blue" is a painting from a series of works entitled "Ascension". My Ascension series are paintings dedicated to the meeting of the elements: earth, light, and water. They are moments for reflection... the reflection of light in the water, the stillness and sign of relief that comes with dusk. Also the deep breathe of awareness that comes with dawn... the moments in between, the times we are perhaps still, awaiting inspiration of reveling in the momentary stasis.

"My ascension in blue" is a magical, watery Ascension painting, with hints of the sea and the sky melding into one. It is serene and also a bit turbulent, a coupling of opposites. It is a painting of balance and equilibrium, with a dancing horizontal movement.

It is both sides of the moon.

"My ascension in blue" is part of a private collection in Padua, Italy.


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