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Oil on canvas

60 x 48 inches


"Rising" is a painting dedicated to rebirth. To renaissance. To the wild glorious turning of the planet in the sky.

I painted this large canvas in a moment of deep yearning for a new beginning, when the world and weather and sky felt heavy, and I longed for a rosy kind of hope.

It is a mixture of several techniques, some tenuous and subtle and others more marked and forceful, blended together to create a harmonious effect on the surface of the canvas... never meek or hidden, but also never aggressive or abrasive. Its palette is a warm, golden-red dawn or dusk. It is a painting of movement, of time transforming the sky. Of time transforming us all.

"Rising" tells the story of a longing for new beginnings, for change, and for awakening. It is a transformative statement on canvas, and a bearer of its own light.

"Rising" is part of a private collection in California.

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