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Painting stories
every painting has a story



100 x 100 cm

Acrylic, oil and pastels on canvas


"Flora" is a painting dedicated the spontaneity and dance of nature. It was conceived of as a lyrical poem, reminiscent of burgeoning flowers and the warmth of high summer in Italy. It is a painting that radiates its own heat and light, expressing a wild sensuality and fecundity. It is a celebration.

"Flora" was created with contrasting cool and warm tones, reflecting the meeting of the earth and air and light. It is a purely abstract painting that still has deep perspective and dynamic space, and beckons the viewer to come in and stay a while.

At the time of this writing, "Flora" is available in my Italy studio.


Oil on canvas

60 x 48 inches


"Unity" is a painting that tells the story of the earth and sky uniting. Much of my body of work for the past 2 years has been marked by a movement upwards, an ascension towards the sky and open space.

This painting is the epitome of ascension. Standing in front of "Unity" gifts the viewer wide open space, dynamic light and movement towards an imaginary sky. It is a painting rife with optimism and hope. It has a very deep perspective and beckons the viewer to enter.

The technique is delicate and fluid, reminiscent of the water flowing down a river.

It is a large bearer of its own light, and on the wall it seems to vibrate just a little.

"Unity" is part of a private collection in Colorado.


Oil on canvas

100 x 100 cm


"Sonata" is a gem of a painting, made while listening to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata on a loop. It was a deeply moving experience making this artwork... totally hypnotic, spontaneous, harmonious, and free of struggle. The palette reminded me of the turning of dusk, warm and soft and enveloping. That moment of the day when the blue of the sky just barely holds on before the transition into night.

This is a classic oil painting made with only brushes and oils and varnish. A classic method for beautiful classical music.

It is a painting steeped in intensity, but also calmness and stillness. Much like the piece of music it is named after.

It was one of the centerpieces of my solo exhibition "Luce" [Light] in Italy in 2020.

"Sonata" is part of a private collection in Brescia, Italy.

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